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Discover our range of microwave products, including cable assemblies, designed for a myriad of applications, from aerospace to telecommunications. 

At IW Insulated Wire Incorporated, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of high-quality, reliable solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. 

Our product lineup includes low-loss coaxial cables, custom design RF cables, Re-Flex™ Flexible Coaxial Cables, and high-performance 75Ω coaxial cables, among others. Each product embodies our commitment to innovation, leveraging our patented technologies and decades of expertise to deliver unparalleled performance up to 110GHz. Explore our offerings to find the perfect cable assembly solution for your application.

0.034-0.750” Low loss/phase stable coax

Low Loss Coaxial Cables

Our product range of coaxial cables is designed to meet IW specifications for high performance across the electromagnetic spectrum to 135 GHz.

We offer low loss/phase stable cable for market-specific key frequencies with other line sizes available to provide a customer with options where dimensional considerations may outweigh those of best possible RF performance. All our cables are available in a standard basic configuration (XX01) using either EPTFE for maximum phase performance over temperature and PTFE for our industry-standard line size cable. Stranded center conductor and internal ruggedization are available as standard options. This gives our cables a versatility to meet customer requirements without compromising performance in applications from test and measurement through to satellite launch vehicles.

To support cable assemblies, we offer a range of connectors covering most industry-standard interfaces, with a variety of styles available, including N-Type, TNCA, SMA, GPO, GPPO, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 3.5mm, with the new option for 1.0mm for 0471 cable, IW can now supply assemblies operating to 110 GHz.

034 Series Operating Up to 150 GHz

047 Series Operating Up to 110 GHz

115 Series Operating Up to 61 GHz

125 Series Operating Up to 70 GHz

140 Series Operating Up to 50 GHz

150 Series Operating Up to 43 GHz

157 Series Operating Up to 40 GHz

160 Series Operating Up to 34 GHz

180 Series Operating Up to 32 GHz

230 Series Operating Up to 26.5 GHz

280 Series Operating Up to 18 GHz

480 Series Operating Up to 11 GHz

750 Series Operating Up to 6.5 GHz

Low loss coaxial cables, 0.034-0.750” Low loss/phase stable coax
Cable Assemblies

Cable Assemblies

All of IW’s coaxial cables are available as finished assemblies, including partially terminated cables, fully terminated, plus phase or time delay and offset matched sets.

With a wide range of interconnect products available, we’re able to offer custom cable assembly lengths from a few inches to 100ft and above to suit your application. We offer a variety of connectors including SMA, TNCA, N-type, 3.5mm, 2.92mm, 1.85mm in straight, right angle, male and female, with bulkhead and four-hole flange mounting options available on some designs. All connectors are designed to meet the requirements of MIL-PRF-39012 with interfaces compliant to MIL-STD-348. Our stainless steel designs ensure performance to 18 GHz for SMA, TNCA, and N-type, with right angle parts using swept center contacts to ensure optimum performance.

For high power applications, C, SC, 7/16, 1 5/8 and 3 1/18 EIA flanges are available for larger diameter cables (280, 480, 750 series), designed to ensure reliability in terms of power handling and heat transfer for continuous wave applications.

At millimeter wave, our smaller diameter cables (125, 115, 0471, 0341) have been developed to be compatible with industry standard connectors including most push-on interface styles, in addition to high frequency threaded types, with IW now offering cable assemblies that provide performance to 110 GHz.

Optional Protection
Microwave transmission lines are quite often exposed to a wide range of hostile environments. These may include extreme temperature, abrasion, comprehensive forces, high pressure fluids, solvents, chemicals, salt water, UV, vibration, and mechanical stress, just to name a few.

Our standard option is an internally ruggedization layer which comprises a steel wire helically wrapped over the coaxial cable, this is identified as ‘03’ option for solid center conductor cables, and ‘08’ for stranded center conductor.

In addition to our internally ruggedized cables, IW has a wide range of materials and processes designed to protect the integrity of our cable assemblies. These include a variety of metallic and non-metallic external sheaths to address your specific application.

  • ZEL      Tefzel Jacket
  • LC         Low Smoke/ Zero Halogen Polyurethane
  • NX        Fire resistant NOMEX* braid *Nomex is a registered trademark of theDuPont Corporation
  • A            Interlocked stainless steel armor, crush resistant up to 400 lbs per linear inch
  • N            Neoprene weather proof jacket
  • ALC       Armor with extruded Polyurethane jacket
Cable assemblies
Custom Design Cables

Custom Design Cables

Cable capabilities

Insulated Wire has the capability to supply composite RF & microwave assemblies for various applications.
With complete control of the manufacturing process, IW is able to offer custom solutions based on standard process and product for many types of applications. IW has supported our customers with custom twisted pairs and triple wire for data transfer, custom impedance RF cables (flexible and semi-rigid), same and mixed wire type composites including fiber and coaxial cable, triple shielded RF cables for operation under HEMP, jacket materials to withstand NBC (Nuclear & Biological Conditions), submersible cables, and short duration/very high temperature conditions in space flight.

Mechanical Construction

IW’s composite cables provide a myriad of options. Components can include individually shielded and jacketed signal transmission cables, power cables, microwave cables and fiber optic. Depending on the application, cables can be optimized to address issues such as hydrostatic pressure, tensile loads, concentrated compression points, etc. Overall shielding can be provided with ferrous or nonferrous
materials. High performance, non-metallic braids and strength members, such as Kevlar™ are also available.

Application Example

One example is a multiconductor assembly used on a submarine application which includes twisted pair, twisted triple, 16AWG and custom coaxial cable. The bulk cable is manufactured at Insulated Wire’s Long Island, NY facility with the coaxial connectors and cable assemblies prepared at IW MicrowaveProducts Division facility in Bethel, CT.
The cable shown here was produced for a submarine application and contains multiple, individual signal cables and IW’s Tuf-Flex™ microwave cables for use at frequencies up to 18 GHz. Water block fillers and binders are incorporated under a double braided Sn/Cu braid and polyurethane jacket. Cable withstands the anticipated environmental extremes in accordance with the method requirements of MIL-DTL- 24643B par 4.8.8 and can withstand hydrostatic pressure up to 1050 psi.

Custom design cables
Re-Flex™ , Hand-formable Coax Cables

Re-Flex™ Flexible Coaxial Cables

To provide improved electrical and mechanical performance over traditional hand-formable designs, Insulated Wire presents Re-Flex™.
Available in 0.085”, 0.141”, 0.235” and 0.325” diameters (identified as RF085, RF141, RF250 and RF325), IW’s RF cable series offers the advantages of the same lamination process used on our Low Loss products. Combined with the same double shield construction plus a solder-free tin/alloy plated outer braid, the Re-Flex™ design provides a re-formable cable that will not develop micro-fractures with repeated flexing, eliminating manufacturability issues associated with conformable style RG cables.
Both RF085 and RF141 are industry standard line sizes, consequently a wide range of connector types and
styles can be used with these cables, including: SMA, TNC, N, SMP, SMPM, 2.92mm/K™, 2.4mm and 1.85mm/
V™, with performance up to 60GHz. RF250 is commonly used for higher power applications with SMA, TNC, N,
SC and HN connectors available.
Re-Flex™ assemblies can be employed wherever a semi-rigid or conformable cable type is currently used, and
with FEP™ jacket available as a standard option, Re-Flex™ provides greater versatility. Cable part numbers are

Re-FlexStarter Kits

Re-formable cable assembly solutions straight out of the box!

For customers who know the advantages of Re-Flex™ over traditional hand-formable and semi-rigid, and to make cable selection easier for those new to our product, IW is pleased to announce our new range of Re-Flex™ Starter Kits!

Three kits are currently available:
CT-1879 (SPSD-TPRF085-XXX-SPSD) direct solder SMA male/male using TPRF085 (RG405 line size)
CT-1880 (SPSD-TPRF141-XXX-SPSD) direct solder SMA male/male using TPRF141 (RG402 line size)
CT-1881 (SPSH-TPRF141-XXX-SPSH) shell style SMA male/male using TPRF141 (RG402 line size)

Each kit comprises seven different assembly lengths 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 9” and 12”, 5 pcs of each, providing the design engineer with a convenient aid for performing cable routing in prototype system builds – the ability to continually re-form Re-Flex™ without the need for custom tooling to shape the cable, and the elimination of debris caused by micro fracturing is a key feature of the Re-Flex™ cable design, and enables the designer to make signal path/layout changes without having to throw product away after using it once.

Re-Flex™ Flexible Coaxial Cables
High Performance 75Ω Cables

High Performance 75 ohm coaxial cable

Insulated Wire now offers four line sizes of 75Ω cables utilizing the same technology and materials that give our 50Ω products industry leading attenuation performance.

All cable types employ laminated EPTFE and PTFE™ dielectric materials with silver plated copper conductors and shielding to ensure lowest attenuation with maximum signal integrity from -55°C to +165°C. Optional protection for Outside Broadcast applications include Low Smoke/Zero Halogen polyurethane jacketing to provide weather-proofing, and armoring options to prevent damage due to accidental damage.

1151-75: Small diameter cable providing lower loss than RG179 with an 0.085” line size. BNC and HD BNC connectors are available, performing up to 18 GHz.

1601-75: Mid-size cable providing loss comparable to RG59 with superior shielding performance in an 0.141” line size and performing up to 18 GHz.

1801-75: Mid-size cable offering exceptional attenuation with Precision N and BNC connectors for applications where commodity cables cannot provide the performance required by increasingly high signal speeds; 1801-75 has been tested and is specified to 18 GHz.

2801-75: Introduced to out-perform RG11 both electrically and mechanically. IW 280 series cable is a more flexible solution, intended to provide optimum attenuation performance to 18 GHz.

High performance, 75 ohm coaxial cable
Semi Rigid Cables

Semi-Rigid Cables

In addition to our range of flexible cables, IW also manufactures semi-rigid cable types at standard line sizes including .047”, .085”, .141” and .250” enabling customers to use a wide range of industry standard interconnect options.

We offer 50 ohm cable as standard product, however as the dielectric is manufactured using the same lamination
technique applied to flexible cables, we’re able to provide customers with custom impedance semi-rigid cables to suit their specific requirements.

All semi-rigid products are available as bare copper or plated finish and can be shipped as coils or cut lengths.

Semi rigid cable

What range does IW’s coaxial cables cover in terms of electromagnetic spectrum performance?

Our product range of coaxial cables is designed to meet IW specifications for high performance across the electromagnetic spectrum up to 150 GHz.

What kind of environmental protections do IW’s microwave transmission lines offer?

IW’s microwave transmission lines offer optional protection against a wide range of hostile environments, such as extreme temperatures, abrasion, compressive forces, high-pressure fluids, solvents, chemicals, saltwater, UV, vibration, and mechanical stress.

Can IW supply composite RF & microwave assemblies for specific applications?

Yes, Insulated Wire has the capability to supply composite RF & microwave assemblies for various applications, offering custom solutions based on standard processes and products for many types of applications.

What makes Re-Flex™ superior to traditional hand-formable designs?

To provide improved electrical and mechanical performance over traditional hand-formable designs, Insulated Wire presents Re-Flex™, which incorporates our advanced technology for superior flexibility and performance.

Does Insulated Wire offer 75Ω cables, and how do they compare in performance to the 50Ω products?

Insulated Wire now offers four line sizes of 75Ω cables utilizing the same technology and materials that give our 50Ω products industry-leading attenuation performance, ensuring high-quality and reliable solutions across a range of applications.