750 Series Low Loss Coaxial Cables

Delivering Exceptional Performance Up to 6.5 GHz

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The 750 Series, particularly the 7506-SP model, by Insulated Wires Inc. represents a significant leap forward in coaxial cable technology, offering unparalleled performance for frequencies up to 6.5 GHz. Designed for demanding environments and technical applications, these cables ensure reliable connectivity when it matters most.

Key Features

  • High-Quality Construction: Featuring a stranded silver-plated copper center conductor wrapped in an EPTFE dielectric, with silver-plated copper foil and braid for enhanced shielding effectiveness of over 90 dB up to 6.5 GHz.
  • Durable Exterior: Encased in a Santoprene outer jacket measuring 0.765 inches (19.68 mm) in diameter, the 7506-SP is built to withstand harsh conditions, providing durability alongside its superior performance.
  • Optimised Electrical Characteristics: Boasting an impedance of 50 ± 2Ω and a velocity of propagation at 83%, these cables are engineered for precise and efficient signal transmission.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Advanced Signal Integrity: With low attenuation rates (K1 = 1.9, K2 = 0.183) and a time delay of 1.22 ns/ft, the 7506-SP ensures your signal remains strong and clear across its entire operational frequency range.
  • Power Handling Capabilities: Detailed charts are available, demonstrating the cable’s ability to handle significant power levels, even at the highest frequencies.
IW 750 Series low loss coaxial cable

Mechanical and Environmental Durability

  • Versatile Installation: The cable’s substantial static bend radius of 5 inches (127mm) and dynamic bend radius of 8 inches (203mm) make it suitable for a variety of installation scenarios.
  • Ready for Extreme Conditions: Operating within a temperature range of -65ºC to +135ºC and meeting RoHS 3 compliance, the 7506-SP is prepared for deployment in diverse environments.


From telecommunications infrastructure to aerospace systems, and defence communication networks, the 750 Series is designed to support a broad spectrum of high-frequency applications where reliability and performance are critical.

FAQ for the 750 Series Low Loss Coaxial Cable

What makes the 750 Series ideal for high-frequency applications?
Its superior construction, including high-quality materials and advanced shielding, ensures exceptional performance up to 6.5 GHz.
Can the 750 Series be tailored for specific project needs?
Yes, Insulated Wires Inc. offers customization options for the 750 Series, allowing for tailored solutions that meet the precise requirements of your applications.

Explore the 750 Series

Learn more about how the 750 Series Coaxial Cables can enhance your project’s connectivity and performance. For additional specifications, customization options, and ordering information, reach out to Insulated Wires Inc. today.