480 Series Low Loss Coaxial Cables

Ensuring Clarity and Performance Up to 11 GHz

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Navigate the complexities of high-frequency signal transmission with ease, thanks to the 480 Series coaxial cables from Insulated Wires Inc. Crafted for performance, these cables deliver up to 11 GHz of crystal-clear signal integrity, making them a prime choice for technical and defence industries demanding the highest standards of reliability and precision.

Key Features

  • Premium Material Construction: The 4806 variant features a stranded silver-plated copper center conductor, encased in an EPTFE dielectric, and shielded by silver-plated copper foil and braid, all within a robust FEP outer jacket measuring 0.475 inches (12mm) in diameter.
  • Superior Shielding: With over 90 dB of shielding effectiveness up to 11GHz, these cables are engineered to minimize interference, ensuring optimal signal quality and security.
  • Durable and Versatile: Designed to withstand harsh environments, the 480 Series boasts an operating temperature range from -65ºC to +200ºC and complies with RoHS 3 regulations, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Engineered for Efficiency: An impedance of 50 ± 2Ω, a velocity of propagation at 83%, and low attenuation factors (K1 = 2.9, K2 = 0.179) ensure efficient and accurate signal delivery across the frequency range.
  • Power Handling and Performance: Detailed power handling charts are available, showcasing the cable’s ability to maintain integrity at maximum operational frequencies.
IW 480 Series low loss coaxial cable

Mechanical and Environmental Durability

  • Flexible Installation: Despite its sturdy build, the cable offers manageable bend radii (static at 3.0 inches [76mm] and dynamic at 5.0 inches [127mm]), facilitating easy installation in complex configurations.
  • Compliance and Environmental Responsibility: Meeting RoHS 3 standards, the 480 Series is ready for global deployment in environmentally conscious projects.


The 480 Series is especially suited for use in telecommunications, aerospace, defence communications, and research environments where signal integrity cannot be compromised.

FAQ for the 480 Series Low Loss Coaxial Cable

What sets the 480 Series apart in high-frequency applications?
Its combination of high-quality materials, excellent shielding, and precise manufacturing ensures top-tier performance up to 11 GHz.
Can the 480 Series be customized for specific projects?
Yes, Insulated Wires Inc. offers customization options for the 480 Series to meet the unique requirements of your application.

Explore the 480 Series

Learn how the 480 Series Coaxial Cables can transform your high-frequency applications. For more information on specifications, customization options, and how to order, reach out to Insulated Wires Inc. today.