140 Series Low Loss Coaxial Cables:

Superior Performance Up to 50 GHz

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The 140 Series coaxial cables by Insulated Wires Inc. represent the pinnacle of coaxial cable technology, designed to support frequencies up to 50 GHz. With a focus on high-quality materials and advanced design, the 140 Series is engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

Key Features

  • Material Excellence: Utilizing silver-plated copper for the center conductor, with options for solid (1401/1403) or stranded (1406/1408) designs, and EPTFE for the dielectric.
  • Superior Shielding: Features silver-plated copper for both foil and braid, ensuring over 100 dB of shielding effectiveness up to 18GHz.
  • Double Jacket Protection: An inner jacket of FEP and an additional outer jacket, coupled with SCCS armor for unmatched durability and protection.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Impedance: Maintains a standard impedance of 50 ± 2Ω across all variants.
  • High-Speed Transmission: Offers a velocity of propagation ranging from 80% to 83%, with a time delay between 1.22 and 1.27 ns/ft.
  • Cutting-Edge Performance: Each variant is capable of handling frequencies up to 50 GHz, with specific capacitance and attenuation factors tailored to optimize performance.
IW 140 Series Low Loss Coaxial Cable

Mechanical and Environmental Durability

  • Versatile Application: With a static bend radius as low as 0.5” (12.7mm) and a dynamic bend radius up to 1.375” (34.9mm), these cables are built for flexible deployment.
  • Extreme Conditions: Ready to perform in temperatures ranging from -65°C to +200°C, meeting RoHS 3 compliance for environmental responsibility.


From telecommunications to aerospace and defense, the 140 Series is the choice for professionals who cannot compromise on quality and performance.

FAQ for the 140 Series Low Loss Coaxial Cable

What sets the 140 Series apart in terms of shielding effectiveness?
With over 100 dB of shielding effectiveness up to 18GHz, the 140 Series ensures unparalleled protection against interference.
Can I choose between solid and stranded center conductors?
Yes, the 140 Series offers both solid (1401/1403) and stranded (1406/1408) options to cater to different flexibility and performance needs.

Discover the 140 Series

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