115 Series Coaxial Cables:

Precision Engineered for Up to 62 GHz Performance

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115 Series Operating Up to 62 GHz

Dive into the world of high-frequency communication with the 115 Series Coaxial Cables from Insulated Wires Inc., your solution for unparalleled signal integrity up to 61 GHz. Engineered with precision, these cables are designed to meet the rigorous demands of high-speed data and signal transmission in a variety of applications.

Key Features

  • Center Conductor: Choose between silver-plated copper options of 1151 Solid or 1156 Stranded for additional flexibility, durability and improved phase performance vs. flexure.
  • Dielectric: High-quality laminated PTFE ensures minimal signal loss and maximum efficiency.
  • Shielding: Dual layers of silver-plated copper foil and braid offer over 90 dB of shielding effectiveness up to 18GHz.
  • Outer Jacket: Robust FEP jacket with a diameter of 0.104” (2.64mm) provides excellent environmental protection.

Electrical Characteristics

  • Impedance: 50 ± 2Ω, supporting standard signal transmission requirements.
  • Cut Off Frequency: Up to 62 GHz for comprehensive coverage across a wide range of operating bands.
  • Capacitance and Velocity of Propagation: 28.6 pF/ft and 71% Vp, ensuring fast and efficient signal transmission.
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Mechanical and Environmental Durability

  • Temperature Range: Capable of operating in environments from -65ºC to +200ºC, with extended ranges available for select configurations.
  • VSWR Options: Various configurations available, including straight connectors and right angle connectors, to suit all installation needs.


The 115 Series is perfectly suited for use in telecommunications, aerospace, military, and test and measurement environments where reliability and precision are paramount.

The 115 SERIES by IW (Insulated Wires Inc.) is tailored for professionals and industries demanding the highest standards of quality and performance. With its cutting-edge design, material selection, and comprehensive performance specifications, it is poised to support the most advanced applications in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

FAQ for the 115 Series Low Loss Coaxial Cable

What makes the 115 Series suitable for high-frequency applications?
The combination of silver-plated conductors, PTFE dielectric, and comprehensive shielding ensures minimal attenuation and signal integrity up to 61 GHz.
Can these cables be customised for specific applications?
Yes, Insulated Wires Inc. offers customisable options for the 115 Series to meet the unique needs of your project.

Ordering and Customization

Discover how the 115 Series Coaxial Cables can elevate your project. Contact us for more information on specifications, customisation options, and how to order.