Low Loss Coaxial Cable – 047 Series 

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047 Series Operating Up to 110 GHz

Our product range of low loss coaxial cables are designed to meet IW specifications for high performance across the electromagnetic spectrum to 135 GHz.

IW Insulated Wire 047 Series

Mechanical Characteristics:

0.08 oz/ft (7.4 g/m)
Static Bend Radius
0.2” (5.1mm)
Dynamic Bend Radius
0.375” (9.5mm)

Electrical Characteristics

50 +/– 2Ω
Cut Off Frequency (cable only, max)
110 GHz
28.6 pF/ft
Velocity of Propagation
Time Delay
1.43 ns/ft
Shielding Effectiveness up to 18GHz
>90 dB
Cable Attenuation Factors*
K1 = 37.5, K2 = 0.935
Power Handling
See PDF dowload

To support cable assemblies, we offer a range of connectors covering most industry standard interfaces, with a variety of style available, including N-Type, TNCA, SMA, GPO, GPPO, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 3.5mm, with the new option for 1.0mm for 0471 cable, IW can now supply assemblies operating to 110 GHz.