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047 Series Operating Up to 110 GHz

The 047 Series of precision low loss coaxial cables from Insulated Wires Inc. (IW) is engineered for superior performance in high-frequency applications, operating seamlessly up to 110 GHz. This series stands out for its advanced material and design choices, making it a premier solution for applications requiring high precision and minimal signal loss.

Key Features

  • Materials: The 047 SERIES utilizes a silver-plated copper center conductor with a laminated PTFE dielectric, combined with silver-plated copper for both the foil and braid. The outer jacket is made of FEP, measuring 0.062 inches (1.63mm) in diameter, ensuring durability and environmental resistance.
  • Electrical Characteristics: Impedance of 50 ± 2Ω and provides a maximum cut-off frequency of 120 GHz (cable only). Capacitance is rated at 28.6 pF/ft, with a velocity of propagation of 71% and a time delay of 1.43 ns/ft. Shielding effectiveness remains above 90 dB up to 18 GHz, indicating exceptional performance in preventing signal interference.
  • Attenuation and Power Handling: The series features specific attenuation factors (K1 = 37.5, K2 = 0.935) and provides detailed attenuation values across a range of frequencies, from 0.5 GHz to 110 GHz, with corresponding power handling capabilities. This precise data enables users to select the optimal cable configuration for their specific application requirements.
  • Mechanical and Environmental Characteristics: The cable is lightweight at 0.08 oz/ft (7.4 g/m), with a static bend radius of 0.2 inches (5.1mm) and a dynamic bend radius of 0.375 inches (9.5mm). They are designed to operate within a temperature range of -65°C to +150°C and are RoHS 3 compliant, ensuring suitability for a wide range of environments and applications.


  • High-Frequency Systems: Ideal for telecommunications, satellite communications, and radar systems requiring high bandwidth and precision.
  • Test and Measurement: Small diameter and millimeter wave performance make the 0471 ideal for probe station and VNA test port applications.
  • Defense and Aerospace: Suitable for inside enclosure applications, and high density/multiport interconnect
  • Research and Development: A valuable tool for innovative millimeter wave research requiring the highest levels of signal integrity and performance
IW Insulated Wire 047 Series
The 047 SERIES by IW (Insulated Wires Inc.) is tailored for professionals and industries demanding the highest standards of quality and performance. With its cutting-edge design, material selection, and comprehensive performance specifications, it is poised to support the most advanced applications in today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape.

FAQ for the 047 Series Low Loss Coaxial Cable

What is the maximum operating frequency of the 047 SERIES coaxial cables?
The 047 SERIES coaxial cables are designed to operate up to a maximum frequency of 110 GHz, making them suitable for high-frequency applications.
What materials are used in the construction of the 047 SERIES cables?
These cables feature a silver-plated copper center conductor, PTFE dielectric, silver-plated copper foil and braid, and an outer jacket made of FEP.
What are the electrical characteristics of these cables?

The electrical characteristics include an impedance of 50 ± 2Ω, capacitance of 28.6 pF/ft, velocity of propagation at 71%, and a time delay of 1.43 ns/ft. The shielding effectiveness is greater than 90 dB up to 18 GHz.

Can you provide details on the attenuation and power handling of the 047 SERIES?
The attenuation varies across different frequencies, with values provided from 0.5 GHz up to 110 GHz. Power handling also varies by frequency, with detailed charts available to determine the appropriate power levels for specific applications.
What is the weight and bend radius of the 047 SERIES cables?
The cables weigh 0.08 oz/ft (7.4 g/m), with a static bend radius of 0.2 inches (5.1mm) and a dynamic bend radius of 0.375 inches (9.5mm).
What temperature range can the 047 SERIES cables withstand?
These cables are designed to operate in environments with temperatures ranging from -65°C to +150°C. A standard cable assembly temperature range of -55°C to +135°C is provided, with options available for -65°C to +150°C in select configurations.
-Are the 047 SERIES coaxial cables RoHS 3 compliant?
Yes, the 047 SERIES cables are compliant with RoHS 3 (EU 2015/863), adhering to restrictions on certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.
Where can I find the power handling chart for the 047 SERIES?
Power handling information, including detailed charts for different frequencies and conditions, can be obtained directly from IW (Insulated Wires Inc.) or authorized distributors.
How does the 047 SERIES compare to other coaxial cables in terms of signal loss?
Thanks to its advanced materials and engineering, the 047 SERIES exhibits lower signal loss across its operating frequency range compared to many other coaxial cables, particularly at higher frequencies.
Can the 047 SERIES cables be customized for specific applications?
Yes, IW offers customizable options for the 047 SERIES, including different lengths, connector types, and specific configurations to meet the unique needs of various applications.

Ordering and Customization

Discover how the 047 Series Coaxial Cables can elevate your project. Contact us for more information on specifications, customisation options, and how to order.