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0.034-0.750” Low loss/phase stable coax

Our product range of low loss coaxial cables are designed to meet IW specifications for high performance across the electromagnetic spectrum to 135 GHz.

Low Loss Stable Coax Cables

We offer low loss/phase stable cable for market specific key frequencies with other line sizes available to provide a customer with options where dimensional considerations may outweigh those of best possible RF performance. All our cables are available in a standard basic configuration (XX01) using either EPTFE for maximum phase performance over temperature and PTFE for our industry standard line size cable. Stranded center conductor and internal ruggedization are available as standard options. This gives our cables a versatility to meet customer requirements without compromising performance in applications from test and measurement through to satellite launch vehicles.

To support cable assemblies, we offer a range of connectors covering most industry standard interfaces, with a variety of style available, including N-Type, TNCA, SMA, GPO, GPPO, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 3.5mm, with the new option for 1.0mm for 0471 cable, IW can now supply assemblies operating to 110 GHz.

Low Loss Coaxial Cables