EMC & Compliance

EMC & Compliance

EMC/EMI testing requires high performance equipment to provide accurate results in compliance testing.

To ensure reliability and consistency, IW coaxial cables are used by a broad range of EMC customers from vehicle OEMs, domestic product OEMs, antenna test ranges to aircraft test facilities that use both standard products and also custom solutions that our applications engineering team develop in partnership with our customers.

For high volts/meter requirements, our 750 and 480 series cables can support high power levels up to S-band and offer a flexible cable solution for testing at lower frequencies. Broadband radiated emissions and susceptibility testing to 18 GHz typically employs 280 series with the lowest attenuation of 0.2dB/ft. (max.) at 18 GHz, continuing to 40 GHz with either 157 or 150 series.

Custom assembly solutions for specific testing include cables designed to meet the requirements of CISPR25 with external ferrites for automotive, and a custom multiconductor cable for use in a 10m chamber with a telescoping antenna.

For compliance testing cable and assemblies, IW has the industry knowledge to provide a solution for your test cable requirements.