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Our Custom Cable Solutions are meticulously crafted to support specialized needs, offering unmatched quality and performance. With a focus on robust construction and technological innovation, we provide custom wire configurations that enhance connectivity and durability for critical applications.
Our products are designed to excel in harsh environments, ensuring reliability and precision where it matters most.
Since its inception in 1970, Insulated Wire (IW) has been at the forefront of cable technology, specializing in the manufacture of high-performance microwave cable and cable assemblies.
With revolutionary technology like our unique PTFE lamination process and patented shield designs, IW provides robust solutions for a multitude of applications, extending capabilities up to 150 GHz.

Cable Capabilities and Customization

IW’s expertise in cable design allows us to offer an extensive range of custom cable solutions tailored to meet specific customer needs. Our product range includes:

  • Custom Twisted Pairs and Tripe Wire: Essential for data transfer and communication applications.
  • Custom Impedance RF Cables: Available in flexible and semi-rigid configurations to suit varying application demands.
  • Composite Cables: Featuring fiber and coaxial options, perfect for environments requiring robust performance under extreme conditions such as hydrostatic pressure, UV exposure, and more.
  • Specialty Cables: Designed to withstand severe environmental conditions including Nuclear & Biological Conditions (NBC), submarine deployments, and space flight.
Custom Cable US KD14 V350 Custom Wire US KD24 V90

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing and Testing Facilities

Located in Bayport, NY, with an additional facility in Ronkonkoma, NY, our operations are both AS9100 and ISO9001 certified, ensuring top-quality production and reliability. Our capabilities include:

  • Environmental Testing: Humidity, salt spray, vibration, and thermal shock testing to ensure durability.
  • Advanced Technical Services: Offering engineering support for optimal cable/connector configurations in complex systems.
  • Custom Assembly Configurations: We accommodate unique assembly needs and can extrude a broad range of jacketing materials, from FEP to Low Smoke/Zero Halogen TPU.

Innovative Products and Specifications

Our cable specifications are designed to meet the rigorous demands of both military and commercial applications. Highlights include:

Mechanical Construction

IW’s composite cables provide a myriad of options. Components can include individually shielded and jacketed signal transmission cables, power cables, microwave cables and fiber optic.
Depending on the application, cables can be optimized to address issues such as hydrostatic pressure, tensile loads, concentrated compression points, etc. Overall shielding can be provided with ferrous or nonferrous
High performance, non-metallic braids and strength members, such as Kevlar™ are also available.

Markets and Applications

IW’s custom cables serve a diverse range of sectors including aerospace, military, telecommunications, medical electronics, and geothermal exploration. Each cable is crafted to handle the specific challenges of its application, ensuring optimal performance under the most demanding conditions.

Application Example

One example is a multiconductor assembly used on a submarine application which includes twisted pair, twisted triple, 16AWG and custom coaxial cable. The bulk cable is manufactured at Insulated Wire’s Long Island, NY facility with the coaxial connectors and cable assemblies prepared at IW MicrowaveProducts Division facility in Bethel, CT.
The cable was produced for a submarine application and contains multiple, individual signal cables and IW’s Tuf-Flex™ microwave cables for use at frequencies up to 18 GHz.
Water block fillers and binders are incorporated under a double braided Sn/Cu braid and polyurethane jacket. Cable withstands the anticipated environmental extremes in accordance with the method requirements of MIL-DTL- 24643B par 4.8.8 and can withstand hydrostatic pressure up to 1050 psi.

Custom Cable US KD14 V350 Custom Wire US KD24 V90

Commitment to Innovation and Customer Satisfaction

At IW, we never rest on our laurels. Continuously innovating and improving our processes and products, we strive to lead the industry in both quality and customer satisfaction. From the initial design phase through manufacturing and delivery, our team works closely with clients to provide hands-on guidance and support.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Design Cables

What types of custom design cables does IW offer?

IW offers a wide range of custom cable solutions, including custom twisted pairs, triple wires for data transfer, custom impedance RF cables, composite cables with various wire types, and specialty cables designed for extreme conditions like high temperatures and corrosive environments.

What frequency ranges can IW cables support?

IW cables are designed to support a broad spectrum of frequencies, from low MHz to up to 150 GHz, depending on the specific type of cable and its construction.

What materials are used in IW cable jackets?

IW offers a variety of jacketing materials to cater to different needs. Our jacketing options include FEP, PFA, Tefzel, Silicone Rubber, Low Smoke/Zero Halogen TPU, and more, providing flexibility, extended flex life, and resistance to oils and corrosive materials.

What testing and quality control measures does IW employ?

IW ensures the highest quality through rigorous testing, including VSWR, insertion loss, phase matching, amplitude matching, and time delay measurements. Our technicians are IPC-WHMA-A-620 trained, and all assemblies are tested before leaving the factory.

What industries does IW serve with its cables?

IW serves a broad range of industries including aerospace, telecommunications, military, medical electronics, and geothermal exploration, delivering high-performance cables tailored to meet the unique demands of each sector.

Can IW provide cables for specific environmental conditions?

Yes, IW specializes in designing and manufacturing cables that can withstand severe environmental conditions, including high pressure, extreme temperatures, and corrosive substances. We offer solutions for submarine applications, aerospace, and other challenging environments.

Are IW cables compliant with industry standards?

Absolutely. All IW cables are manufactured in compliance with AS9100 and ISO9001 standards, and we adhere to MIL-Spec requirements for many of our military-grade cables.

Can IW customize the length and configuration of cable assemblies?

Yes, IW can customize the length and configuration of cable assemblies to meet your specific requirements. We offer custom lengths from a few inches to over 100 feet, with a variety of connector options including SMA, TNCA, N-type, and more.

How does IW support complex installation needs?

IW provides hands-on installation and troubleshooting support to ensure that our cables perform optimally in your specific applications. We work closely with your teams from design through development to ensure seamless integration and performance.

How can I order custom design cables from IW?

To order or inquire about our custom design cables, please contact our sales team directly through our website or by phone. We’ll discuss your specific needs, provide a detailed consultation, and help you find the best cable solutions for your application.