Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense


Insulated Wire, Inc., has a legacy of supporting Aerospace & Defense applications from sub-surface to space since the late 1970’s.

Our coaxial cable products are designed to provide high performance and reliability in the toughest of environments, with industry leading attenuation values at key frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum. IW’s 2801 cable provides the lowest loss for broadband and narrowband applications up to 18 GHz (0.2dB/ft. (max.)), and for applications at Ka-band, 0571 offers an exceptional 0.66 dB/ft. (max.) at 40 GHz.

To ensure the cables are fit for purpose, a range of jacket and protection options are available, including our Tuf-Flex™ internal ruggedization, external armor capable of withstanding 400lbs/lin. In., together with low smoke/zero halogen (LS/ZH) jackets.

Connector options include a wide range of types and styles, with features including lock-wire holes if required. Interfaces are compliant with MIL-STD-348 as applicable, and designed to meet the requirements of MIL-PRF-39012. Stainless steel TNCA, N-type and SMA all provide performance to 18 GHz, with right angle designs using swept center contacts to provide optimum RF performance.

Typical applications at system level interconnect (module/module and module/antenna) include down-mast cables, avionics to antenna, land system antenna cables, for comms, datalinks, EW, SIGINT, ELINT, ESM, radar/fire control radar, etc.

Custom cable designs are also available for demanding military applications, including multi-conductor composite cables, submersible cable to withstand high levels of barometric pressure, and application specific jacketing and shielding to ensure reliability in hostile environments. Our applications engineering team has a thorough knowledge of material availability, together with our broad range of experience in supporting many diverse requirements and will work with mechanical and electrical engineering teams to ensure our cables and cable assemblies are fit for purpose.

For systems that require interconnect inside an enclosure, IW offers the original semi-rigid and conformable replacement, Re-Flex™. Available in four lines sizes, and with the ability to use a diverse range of industry standard interconnect products (RF085/RF141), Re-Flex cable provides not only excellent RF performance, but also a hand formable cable that can be repeatedly re-formed without creating foreign object debris (FOD) or deterioration in solder joints at the connector attachment point. The double shield design using laminated PTFE, manufactured using the same process as the low loss EPTFE dielectric cables, provides a high level of shielding effectiveness to ensure signal integrity within systems and sub-systems.

Standard length assemblies are available, together with our Re-Flex Starter Kits that contain 35 cable assemblies to support engineers developing hardware designs on the bench.