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Insulated Wire (IW) is proud to introduce its line of high-performance 75 ohm coaxial cables. Employing the same cutting-edge technology and materials that have made our 50 ohm products the industry standard, our 75 ohm cable series is engineered to provide unparalleled attenuation performance and signal integrity.

Premium Materials for Maximum Efficiency

Our cables are constructed with silver-plated copper conductors and shielding, coupled with expanded PTFE™ dielectric materials. This combination ensures the lowest possible attenuation while maintaining the utmost in signal integrity from temperatures of -55°C to +165°C.

Cable Attenuation chart
75 ohm coaxial cable

Tailored Options for Diverse Applications

To meet the specific needs of Outside Broadcast applications, we offer optional enhancements such as Low Smoke/Zero Halogen polyurethane jacketing. This protective layer adds essential weather-proofing and increases the cable’s resilience against accidental damage.

Ensuring Your Connection

With IW’s 75 ohm coaxial cables, you’re not just buying a cable; you’re investing in reliability and performance. Our products are meticulously designed to ensure that they not only meet but exceed the rigorous demands of high-performance broadcasting and transmission environments.

FAQ for the 75Ω Coaxial Cables

What are 75 ohm coaxial cables used for?
75 ohm coaxial cables are commonly used in broadcast and video applications, where they help in the efficient transmission of data with minimal loss. They are ideal for both digital and analog signal transmissions, making them suitable for various broadcasting and networking tasks
Can 75 ohm coaxial cables be used outdoors?
Yes, our 75 ohm cables can be outfitted with optional Low Smoke/Zero Halogen polyurethane jacketing for outdoor use. This jacketing provides essential weather-proofing and increases the cable’s durability against physical and environmental challenges.
Why is shielding important in coaxial cables?
Shielding helps protect the integrity of the signal passing through the cable from external interferences such as electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Superior shielding ensures clearer, more reliable connections, especially in environments with high electronic noise.
How do I choose the right 75 ohm cable for my needs?
Choosing the right cable depends on several factors including the required signal strength, the total distance of cable run, environmental conditions, and the type of equipment being used. Reviewing the specifications such as maximum attenuation and frequency performance can help determine the most suitable cable for your application.
How do 75 ohm cables differ from 50 ohm cables?
The primary difference lies in their impedance. 75 ohm cables are generally used for video and broadcast applications due to their lower signal loss over distance, while 50 ohm cables are more common in data and wireless communications applications where higher power handling is required.
What does 'attenuation' mean in the context of coaxial cables?
Attenuation refers to the reduction in signal strength as it travels through the cable. Lower attenuation means that the cable is more efficient at transporting signals without significant loss of integrity, which is crucial for maintaining the quality of the transmission over longer distances.
What connectors are available for 75 ohm coaxial cables?
Our cables support various connectors, including BNC, HD BNC, and Precision N connectors, catering to a range of requirements in broadcast and professional AV setups.